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Good Vibes Only – Personalized Apparel & Backpacks Bring Community and Joy to School

Providing school merchandise to students and their families is a fun way to foster a sense of community and belonging and will go a long way.

As a school community, it is important that students feel seen and valued. It is Back-To-School time now, and a perfect time to let your incoming and returning students know that they are part of a community, that loves them and supports their growth.

Providing students with personalized items is a great way to nurture this notion. There is a lot of school swag out there, we feel that tees and sweatshirts along with totes, backpacks and pouches, are the most popular items that will get great use and exposure.

There are so many uses for imprinted school gear. Whether for sporting events, fundraisers, school trips and camps or Earth Day activities, a fun shirt or cinch-bag with the school logo will always hit the mark. Get creative – get your students involved!

We love how this school used personalized school gear for their senior class field trip – they chose to create sweatshirts and a cinch backpack for their students to help commemorate their overnight field trip. The shirts were personalized with each student’s name and the graduating year. The students were so excited to see their names as well as the camp’s name on their sweatshirt. Senior students helped with the design and layout and were hands-on in the process. The students were excited to wear the sweatshirts not only to camp but also around the school. What a great example on how a simple sweatshirt can help foster a sense of camaraderie among the student body, but also serves as a memory to a great time spend with their peers, before moving on in life.

Personalized items for students go beyond customization. They can make students feel loved, supported, connected to their school community, and empowered to learn and thrive.


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